Portugal is a country situated in the western side of the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean at its borders.

Its oceanic geography largely influences many diverse aspects of its rich culture and the Algarve’s stunning beaches as major points of favorite destinations of tourists from all over.

Commune with nature with Portugal’s fine, lavish greeneries and equally mesmerizing terrains. Immerse yourself with fairy tale-like and alluring medieval castles, rare and fancy cobblestone villages, captivating cities, and golden beaches where you can enjoy basking in the sun. Among the lands attractions, you can find there the famous Monzaraz, a dreamy-like hilltop village.

Entice yourself with the tempting Portuguese menu of fish, coriander, and fantasy in the food capital of Porto. Other sights to behold in Portugal are the mysterious, religious sites of Convento de Cristo and Monasterio dos Jeronimos, one of the UNESCO-listed monasteries.

Places in Portugal

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24 Hrs in Lisbon: A day of trams, hikes and treats

The rolling hillsides are tapered with glances of a glorious cityscape, framed by medieval cathedrals and the relics of a cosmopolitan history and manifestations of the city’s contemporary identity. Quirky and vintage in characteristic Portuguese style, a day in Lisbon feels like a real-life Wes Anderson film. Here’s just one way to dive into the city’s subtle eccentricity. Follow this …

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Sweeten your stay in Lisbon

Covered up in the locale’s cobbled lanes, lines of small tiled bread shops anticipate, every serving up their own particular heavenly exhibit of pastéis de nata, Portugal’s popular egg custard tart. It’s a sweet alleviation to the flipside of the city’s sustenance scene; salty fish, for example, barnacles and snacks like pregos. Lisbon’s culinary experts don’t keep down on the …

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Lisbon’s Biggest Party of the Year, feast of St Anthony

Celebrations are a brain boggling approach to manage experience neighbourhood society. At some point or another, they even offer research past. There are a couple of festivities celebrated over the world. Celebrations are a touch of one’s custom, society, and convention. Social celebrations in Lisbon are ordinarily to an extraordinary degree splendid, enabling, and depict the soul of solidarity and …

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