Amalfi, Italy

Italy isn’t all about roman churches, architecture or art museums with old masters paintings. There is much more to this beautiful land than history and art. When one needs a break from all those Roman ruins and churches and seek some sun, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best destinations to head towards.

Amalfi Coast happens to be the perfect destination to hobnob with glitterati, soak in some sun, drink in the nostalgic maritime memories of the republic of Amalfi and of course to get lost in the fragrant hilltop gardens.

A mere mention of the Amalfi Coast is enough to bring to the mind beautiful images of a stunning coastal region with the grace of Italy. Located in the Sorrentine Peninsula amongst the shadows of Mount Vesuvius, the serene Amalfi Coast stretches for about fifty miles. If you head towards Amalfi from Positano, you will encounter some of the most mesmerizing coastal sceneries that exist in the world. For ages the legendary beauty of this region has inspired artists, writers and illustrious musicians the likes of Richard Wagner. And if you set your eyes on the view, there will be little left to wonder why. Here there are vibrant villages strewn with cliffs jutting into the sea that leaves nothing to imagination.

The best time to tour the Amalfi Coast would definitely be the spring or the summer season. July and August are peak seasons for travel as during summers, notes of lemon and their fragrance hang in the air and fun-filled festivals enliven the hamlets that one can see on their drive from the Bay of Naples towards the Gulf of Salerno. During peak seasons, temperatures on the coast do reach quite high points and it can be very challenging to find parking space at various tourist spots. However there is the amazing Ravello Festival, an annual music and arts festival in the town of Ravello that tourists ought not to miss. The fall season, especially Novembers are very rainy, so if rains and the sceneries are what you intend to enjoy in this coastal region, then winters can be a very ideal time to visit Amalfi.

If you have true tourist blood coursing through veins then you’ll be up to doing the amazing Amalfi Coast on foot. This is how you will discover sleepy villages, stunning pebble beaches, deserted pathways and scrumptious food as spectacular as the views in Amalfi. Although a lot of people choose to drive to the coast, however if you take the 40km walk along the coastline, trekking and taking breaks in between, you will discover the magical beauty that lays beyond the celebrated spots in Amalfi. Here the temperatures will be cooler and the crowds will be fewer, letting you breathe in the true mesmerizing beauty of the coastline.

If you are a regular tourist then the facilities available in Amalfi will not let you down at all. A staggering number of amazing hotels, well accustomed to catering affluent foreign and local tourists have been set up in the beautiful small towns. The region also offers a vast selection of restaurants where you can try some of the most scrumptious Italian cuisine and local foods. There are bars, boutiques, sights to see and boat trips to take in Amalfi. Just about anything self indulgent that you can think about spending money on while on a trip, is available in Amalfi and to the best of the region’s abilities.