Moscow, Russia

Красивая, as spoken as “Krasivaya” is the Russian word for ‘beautiful.’ Because that is what the Russian city, Moscow, truly is.

Russia is the largest country in the world, becoming naturally the ninth most populous inhibited land, covering a huge area of about one-eighth of the Mother Earth. Coming capital to the dense and the famous country is Moscow, another large city in itself with an overwhelming population figure.

Apart from the many renowned historical building and spots, such as the very famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the rich, colored domes the city is known to take pride in, Moscow is a frequent traveler’s attraction due to the lots of greenery the city withholds. Fortunately situated close to the Moskva River, it is said that about 40 percent of the soil is immersed in supporting plants, bushes and trees, bringing lush vegetation and greenery to the city that forms a picture of exhilarating display of nature to the travelers.


Where the climate of Moscow is concerned, you would perhaps face a bit discomfort to get adapted to the continental weather of the city. The Moscow weather shoots to extremes on both sides; thanks to concentration of trees and shrubs, the summers become bearable under the cool shades. However, Moscow weather forecast is partly predictable, a matter many first-time travelers would look up before getting on-board. On average, the city experiences high sunshine from May to August, and the lowest (about 8%) in December.

There is a literal abundance of sightseeing in Moscow. Unlike other historical places, it does not involve a single history on which the whole of architecture is themed. Every new building, every dome, every market place, every square and every monument goes back to its individual historical depth that though might interlink with the other spot, is differing on the whole. The Red Square is usually the first stop for visitors. It has been the strongest appeal to tourists since centuries, drawing every new-comer with an irresistible sense of aura, and alluring people even today with Russia’s raging and intriguing past. The St. Basil’s Cathedral or even the Lenin Mausoleum, some of the world-renowned tourists’ spots, stand distinct and differing with what the famous Red Square engage with.

Alongside being largest country’s capital, Moscow is known to be the Theatre World’s capital as well. Studying back history, it is intriguing to know that theater was introduced in middle of 18th century, and today, almost two hundred and fifty years later, Russia, or rather Moscow, involves more than 70 theatre houses and concert halls. If you feel like an opera night when in Moscow, go and buy ticket right at the concert hall box office and enjoy an evening crediting to the city’s growing popularity in the genre.


Traveling is a wonderful art if you do justice to the artistry. When you travel as if you enjoy the particular art, you would grow on it not only for the sake of personal pleasure and experience, but to learn and become aware of it as a complete subject. Удачи (udachi)


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