London, England

A city with the first subway in the world and the second largest church, a place where millions of people from all over the world live and where over 300 languages are spoken – yes, that is London, one of the capitals of the world.

Except honorary named as one of the capitals of the world, it is actually the capital of the UK and its largest city. It lies on the banks of Temse river streatching on a huge surface and the wider area of the city is a home to over 7 million  people. Also, London was the first city in history of the world to have million citizens. It is financial and administrative core of the country famous for its stock market and as a headquarter of large, world-known companies.

Besides all these statistics and economic calculations, London is also famous as one of the most beautiful and interesting European cities and a popular destinations for people all over the world. London was always considered as an expensive destination, but in the last few years the prices went a little down and it became more available to normal people with average payments and high motivation to visit this city. It is also easily reachable when it comes to transportation; it is accessible from all over the world with 4 airports in the city and once you reach the it, you can take a train,a bus, metro or a taxi to get wherever you want.

The charm of London is probably in its unusual and spectacular look – the old and new interwines in almost every part of the city and you can see simple, modern buildings standing along with some luxurious, imposing buildings in Victorian style. Generally, the architecture of London cannot be characterized as only one kind or say that one style is predominant; the buildings are diverse since they were built during a long period of time and survived different ages and styles. Architecture of London would be even more diverse if it wasn’t for the catastrophic “Great Fire of London“ in the 1666 that devoured the city and left only a few edifices as the monuments to the times before this horrible event.

Still, thanks to the aristocracy and the rulers after the fire that loved to enjoy only the best and the most beautiful, we can see today in London numerous attractive and impressive building, worthy of our admiring. These buildings are some of the most famous symbols of London, like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Tower Bridge and many more palaces, gardens and residences.

One of the best and quickest way to meet London and its main attractions is to have a ride with one of the popular red buses that provide you city sightseeing in a comfortable and organized way. If you are someone who has more adventurous spirit and likes to do things on their own, then the subway, better known a the „Tube“ is going to take you easily wherever you need. Another good thing while taking the subway is that you in the same time visit one of the attractions of London; after all, this is the first subway ever, built back in 1863.

Picadilly and Trafalguar Square are probably two of the most famous squares in London where you can find many interesting sites. The first one is a place where you can find numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants and make of to some of the popular shopping streets like Oxford, Bond and Regent Street. Also, at this square are shown all famous movie and theater premieres.

On Trafalgar Square, which is the largest square in London, are located British Museum, Madame Tussauds, Tate and National Gallery. Tete is actually a family of art galleries and with these 3 they make the popular “museum quarter“ in London. You can also see here 4 lion statues where tourists take photos and hardly anyone who was in London returned without this kind of photo. London Parliament is maybe the main symbol of London with its tower and Big Ben. There is also Westminster Abbey, Windsdor Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral and if you take a look at right side of the river from the Tower Bridge, you will see the modern part of London where the companies and stock market are settled, the so-called “City of London“. All these mentioned tourist sites of London can be best seen at once if you are looking at them from the famous London Eye that provides you a beautiful view at this amazing city. And for sport lovers, there are a few stadiums like Emirates, Wembley and Stamford Bridge – something for everyone.

So, don’t waste your time – take a look at your calendar, book a flight and a hotel room and head off on a new adventure, London is awaiting you!


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