Middle East

Treat yourself to an intoxicating cocktail of historical wonders and rich culture as you explore the shining pearl of the Orient – The Middle East.

Nestled in between Western Asia and Egypt, the Middle East weaves a tapestry of civilizations together. From bustling metropolitan cities filled with glitz and glamour to soulful religious pilgrimages, there is a magic drifting in the air that cannot be ignored.  If it is ancient ruins that tug at your roots, indulge in guided tours that showcase mysterious pyramids and hauntingly beautiful meandering rivers.

Aside from her architectural, historical and natural beauty, it is the interaction with the hospitable and disarmingly charming people of the Middle East that completes the journey for many travellers.

The Middle East -city of storytellers; birth place of kings; melting pot of diverse and rich cultures. It is no wonder that the discerning tourist comes for the mystery, and stays for her beauty.