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We are the window to your world. Through our extensive content and breath-taking photographs, we will open your eyes to unique and exciting destinations from all over the globe. Discover a myriad of possibilities as our extensive articles are written by travelers for travelers. Through extensive research, we cover all there is to know about a country from a new and refreshing perspective.

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We, at TheBackpackers, recognize that the world is made of unique individuals. This is why we create our content with every kind of traveler in mind. Whether you’re cut out for budget travel or you’d like something more luxurious, we are your one stop resource for the latest travel news, tips and articles. Keep yourself updated with new and unique ways to travel while discovering tried and true travel plans that have always worked. Always modern and up to date, we cover the latest travel trends and present them to you on a platter.

TheBackpackers covers an eclectic selection of travel destinations and activities which is why we’re confident that regardless of your travel needs and style, we have something for you. Have a question about a place’s cuisine? Want more information about a locale’s hidden delights? Our blog articles cover a wide spectrum of enticing travel tales that will open your mind to the various possibilities that each different location has to offer. Our dedicated team are determined to help you find the travel options that best suit you.

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When is the best time to visit a place? What should you pack for a mountain trek or a metropolitan cityscape adventure? How do you decide on a hotel?

A well planned trip is a necessary ingredient for an epic journey which is why we’ve got you covered from beginning to end. We provide the essential information that you need to know while planning for a trip. Sharing destination guides and tips, we make sure that you are armed with the information necessary to prepare for your own trip. We help you decide when to visit a place, where to go and what to do when you get there. If you have questions, we make sure we know the answers. With our wide range of articles and blog entries, we always have you covered.

TheBackpackers.Net is more than just a travel site. We are your travel experience.