Prague, Czech Republic

The exceptionally beautiful and charming capital of Czech Republic is surely one of the top destinations in Europe for visiting. It is a compelling mixture of a urban and modern city and an old town where jou can still find cobbled, narrow streets surrounded by architecture that will leave you breathless.

Prague is a European metropolis and being the biggest city in Czech Republic, it is a home to about 1.2 million people. It is located in the middle part of the country and it lies on the Vltava river, which gives it an even more attractive look, especially since the river has treasures some amazing islands. The climate here is temperate and four different seasons can be clearly distinct. Being the capital of the country, Prague is also the cultural and financial core of the Czech Republic. But, what Prague is most known for, especially to tourists, is its stunning architecture, cultural and historical heritage and everything else that makes this city proud and worth of carrying the name of the Golden City.

What enormously helped the city to preserve all those unique and marvelous attractions that it posseses for centuries is the fact that it wasn’t destroyed during the WWII, at least not as much as some other cities in Europe. Its popularity and place in the top destinations of the Old Continent Prague got after the fall of the “Iron Curtain“ that happened with the ending of the WWII. Tourism rapidly bloomed in the decades after the war and still is, which made Prague the 6th most popular city destination in Europe, following London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin.

When it comes to the famous Prague and its architecture, it could be said that this city is a unique and special place where you can see all kinds of styles from different historical periods; gothic, baroque, romanesque, modern, post-modern, neo-classical and many more. It is a real treasure box for tourists, especially those who appreciate architectural masterpieces.

Talking about tourist attractions in the city of Prague, they are scattered all over the town, but most of them that are worth visiting can be found in the three main areas or districts of the city; Old Town, New Town and Lesser Town. The Old and New Town are on one side of the Vltava river and are larger than the Lesser Town that is located on on the opposite side of the river, though areas are connected by the Charles bridge, the most famous bridge in Prague. In Czech language, Lesser City is called Malá Strana, which literally means the Little Side, but was often called Little Quarter or Lesser Quarter during the centuries.

The Old Town is full of squares, churches and palaces, but some of the most attractive things to see are the Old Town Square, Town Hall with the Astronomical Clock, Powder Gate, the Church of Our Lady of Týn, Carolinum, the House at the Two Golden Bears, Charles Street and many more. This part of Prague is considered as the most popular part for tourists and the streets are crowded with people during the whole year. When it comes to the New Town of Prague, it is just a bit less interesting to tourists that appreciate historical heritage because of the urban and modern architecture and smaller number of old buildings, but that doesn’t mean that there is not much to see there, on contrary, this is here you can see everything that contrasts the Old Town of Prague. For example, there is the Dancing house, a modern piece of architecture that was very controversial in the time of its building in the ‘90s, the Church of Our Lady of the Snows with beautiful Franciscan Gardens, the legendary Faust House, State Opera, Charles Square and National Theatre; all of these famous buildings are situated in the area of the New Town.

Most tourists miss to visit the Lesser Side while chasing all the popular places located in the Old and New Town, which is a big mistake since this little area has a lot to offer. Among many of its attractions, some that stand out are the St. Nicholas Church, The Church of Our Lady of Victory, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Kampa Island on the Vltava River. Besides these places there are many more interesting streets, gardens, shops and restaurants to visit.

Another place that was already mentioned, definitely worth visiting and one of the symbols of Prague is the Charles Bridge – a magnificent piece of architecture finished at the end of the 15th century. Its original purpose was to connect the Old Town with the Prague Castle, but at the time no one knew that his role will be much bigger in the future. The bridge is built in gothic style, has three towers and alley of 30 statues in baroque style, which is what makes it such an amazing and unique construction.

All these incredible sites, crazy nightlife and one of the best beers in the world – all this and much more awaits in this amazing metropolis. Hurry up and spend some wonderful days in the Golden city!


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