Maso a Kobliha is one of the most famous bistros in Prague and you can have lunch here at a reasonable price and with pretty big portions. One of the reccommended dishes is Scotch eggs which is a favorite here and many people come to try this particular dish. Also, another delicacy that Maso a Kobliha is famous for is the best doughnut in the city.

Ceska Restaurace is located in the center of Prague, in the nearby of the Dancing House. IT is a restaurant that serves traditional Czech dishes and if you are a fan of meat and greasy food, this is a place for you. Prices are more than reasonable, especially comparing to the generous portions you get.

Osteria Da Clara is a little, cozy Italian restaurant located in Vrsovice district. They are specialized in noodles, but not any kind, only high quality. For the service and food you get, prices are acceptable. Also, menu changes on weekly basis and they offer weekly and daily specials.

Beer Garden Letna Park is one of the best Beer Gardens in Prague. These kind of „pubs“ are very popular in Prague, but sadly only available in the summer and during warm weather. So, if you are visiting Prague in that period, don’t miss to have a glass of beer in Beer Garden Letna Park with great service, reasonable prices and amazing surroundings. Also, they have food stands where they serve sausages, so you can’t end up being hungry.

Sisters Bistro very popular in Prague and a recommendation for all who want to try fast food in Czech way. The dish they are most popular for is the Czech open face sandwich. Everyone loves it and it is and ideal place for a quick lunch. Food is affordable, service is excellent and the staff is very friendly.

U Pinkasu is a restaurant located in the Wenceslas Square area. It serves national Czech dishes and beers, and all that in a cozy and traditional atmosphere where you can experience the real spirit of Prague and Czech culture. It has over a century long tradition and it is definitely a place you have to have lunch at least once during your stay in Prague.

These are only some of the places where you can eat well and have a few glasses of Czech beer, but Prague being such a large city is full of great restaurants. Another tip when it comes to eating in Prague, especially if you desire to have a lunch in a more renowned restaurant – there are some restaurants that give vouchers that cost half the price that you would pay for a regular lunch. Just snoop a little bit around and you might find one.