Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the central part of Europe and is famous for its classy castles with its capital, Prague, home to a mystic, 19th-century castle and legendary astronomical clock.

Czech Republic also boasts of intricate and well-preserved, elegant medieval Old Town and the statue-lined Charles Bridge.

The landlocked country of Czech Republic has become one of the major tourist destinations in Europe. Its countryside is wonderfully adorned with excellent, natural parks and conservation areas, one of which is the most famous Bohemian Paradise, a stunning natural beauty with its splendid rock formations and fine, old castles.

The main attraction for most travelers from all over is the Prague Castle which has been central to Eastern European history for centuries, and was once a dwelling place for Holy Roman Emperors, Bohemian Kings, and the Czech Republic’s president.

Traverse the city’s most poignant river crossing, the Majestic Charles Bridge and have an enchanting view of fine scenic spots at dawn and even at dusk.

Places in Czech Republic

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