With its geographical location, Prague has a continental climate that is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. It you don’t like either of these two, then the best time for you to visit this wonderful city is late spring and early fall. Weather in Prague in May is probably the most desirable since the temperatures are around 22°C and the nature is blooming everywhere , which is ideal for long walks and exploring the city. You will come across some tourists here and there, but the city is not crowded at all. Besides the month of May, other recommended months of to visit Prague when the temperatures are most pleasant is April, June and September. Also, periods with the biggest amount of rainfalls is mid spring and fall, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella. There can be occasional summer downpour, but passes quickly by and the sun comes out again.

When it comes to the busiest period of the year where you will have to struggle with crowds of tourists, then we’ll have to say – summer. Like in most European destinations, especially with the continental climate, summer is the period when all take vacation and fill up the cities. If you don’t like crowds and high temperatures, we recommend that you avoid this period of the year. Another thing about visiting Prague in the summer is that you have to book your hotel room and your flight much, much earlier and don’t even think about going there without providing yourself accommodation in advance.

Talking about weather in Prague in winter, it can be variable and temperatures can be around 0°C and a few degrees up, but they can also fall below 0°C even down to -25°C. So, this period of the year is only for those who like winter and low temperatures or want to see snow – it is common that there can be snow during all 3 winter months. Another thing that could be a bit of a problem is that the day is shorter and sun sets about 4-5 o’clock, so you might not manage to see all that you want. On the other side, it is ideal time for visit for those who like winter holidays because the whole city is decorated and Christmas markets are open for you to see Prague in a whole new and magical light.

So, as already said, Prague is so amazing and it is hard to choose a time to visit it. But, if you have time and money, you should for sure come a few more times, so you can get the whole picture and experience Prague in all shades and colors – it will be worth it.