Most of the hotels and other types of accommodation units is located in and around Ringstrasse. Since all the popular sites are in this area, it is very easy to reach them from your hotel. Hotels that are settled in this are are usually famous hotel chains that offer high quality services, but also have very high prices. However, if you search the internet, you can come across some discount and get the same service with a much lower price.

Beside hotels, there are also hostels, suites, private apartments and bed&breakfast, commonly called Pension in Austria. If you are not looking for a luxury, but something that will match your budget, a little further from the area of the Ringstrasse you can find all kinds of cheaper accommodation, from hostels and pensions to hotels with lower categories.

When it comes to seasons, Vienna has tourists during the whole year. During summer and winter season it is much more crowded in the city and it is easier to find a room, especially in the area near the center and popular tourist sites. If you plan your holiday to be in the peak of the season, you have to book your accommodation at least 2 months in advance, or there is a real possibility that you will not find what you are looking for. In that period of the year the best chances you have, if you didn’t book in advance, is to try to find some private apartments or hotels that are far from Ringstrasse area.

To help you with your choice, here are some of the cheaper hotels that have good reviews and their lowest prices during the year:

Meininger Hotel Wien Hauptbahnhof is a 3-star hotel located near the main station and a shopping center. Rooms are equipped with satellite TV, air-condition, Wi-Fi, there is a bathroom and there are also rooms for smokers and non-smokers. The service is great with multilingual staff and tourist guide services are available on request like some other additional services. Rates for accommodation here start at 10€ per night, which is more than affordable.

Holiday Inn Vienna City is a 4-star hotel that is highly rated among the cheaper hotels. It has a restaurant, a lounge, a meeting room, exchange office, additional amenities on request like baby-sitting, laundry service etc. They have their own parking place and free Wi-Fi. The staff is friendly, at your service and they speak several languages. Rooms have all the necessary amenities like satellite TV, air-condition, mini bar, bathroom etc. Rates here start at 17€ per night.

Palace Hostel Vienna is located a bit out of the city center, in peaceful and natural surroundings, ideal for family vacations. They have a restaurant, a garden, golf course, mini-golf, rent-a-bike and much more. A night here starts at 15€ per night.

This is just a small amount of what this big city offers to you, but you can always search more by yourself and this can be just a small guide for you.