Austria is located in Central Europe and comprises of thick mountain villages, baroque city architecture, and a rugged alpine terrain.

The German-speaking country has Vienna, as its Danube River capital and is home to the Schonbrunn and mystic Hofburg palaces. It is also the birthplace of world icons, Mozart, Strauss, and Sigmund Freud.

Austria is gifted with spectacular and scenic natural landscapes as well as elegant urban sleeves. The land has rich history and traditions and is the winter capital of Europe along with its neighbor, Switzerland.

Tourists flock to its famous historical cities and villages and attract many explorers to hike in the magnificent scenery of the Alps. Melk Abbey is also situated in this country, one of the most famous monasteries in the world. It is previously the castle of Leopold II until it was donated to the monks. Another majestic architectural structure is the Vienna State Opera House, the much celebrated opera house of all time.

Places in Austria

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