St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most visited sites in Vienna, which doesn’t surprise much taking into consideration how imposing and impressive it looks. The history of the cathedral goes back in 12th century when they started building it. It is hard to say when it was finally finished because it has been upgraded several times. It was severely damaged during the WWII, but it was successfully renovated afterwards. Today, the cathedral is 107m long, 34m wide and 136m high. It is built in Gothic style and for long time it was the highest building in Europe. You can climb the tower from where you have a mind-blowing look at the cityscape.

Belvedere Palace is a stunning Baroque complex that was built as a summer residence of prince Eugene of Savoy. It is considered one of the most beautiful attractions in Vienna and it consists of the Upper and Lower Belvedere. Both palaces are not so stunning and decorated from the outside as some other structures in the city, but the real beauty is hidden inside in the breath-taking luxurious chambers with painted walls, statues and valuable galleries. What attracts visitors on the outside are the amazing gardens with sculptures, waterfalls and fountains. The Upper palace offers a stunning view at the gardens and that it how the palace got its name ( Belvedere means „fair view“).

Ringstrasse or Ring Road is the most famous street in the city and a place where you can find numerous of the most important attractions and buildings of Vienna. This is a place where you can find the City Hall, House of Parliament, University of Vienna,  Opera House, Rathauspark, Stadtpark and statues dedicated to different important people like Goethe and Strauss.  Ring Boulevard celebrated this year its 150th birthday.

Schoenbrunn (Tiergarten) is a famous palace in Vienna, but it is also a name for the oldest zoo in the world. It was founded back in 1752, but the history of this place goes even further, back in the 15th century. It is considered one of the most beautiful zoo’s in Europe with over 500 different kinds of animals. It is also pretty huge so the visit might take a while, but don’t worry, there are several stands and cafes where you can have a drink or grab a snack.

Liechtenstein Palace and Gardens belong to the royal family from the little country that carries the same name – Liechtenstein. It is one of the two residences that this family kept in Austria from the period when Monarchy ruled here. It is a beautiful Baroque gem that is a little bit harder to find in comparison to other tourist sites, but it is worth visiting.

All of these places should be on your bucket list first time you visit Vienna –  this list is best of the best that this city can offer, especially for culture and history lovers.