The climate in Vienna is continental, with summers that can reach up to 30°C and winters that are cold and temperatures frequently go below -10 °C. The most mild and pleasant weather is during late spring and early fall, when there is enough sun, a little rain and temperatures are about 20°C. When it comes to rainfalls, the biggest amount of rain is during summer months. That period of the year is also the hottest and temperatures can go above 30°C, but last only a few days. However, if we are to compare the number of tourists in every season, we can say that most of them come in the summer in search for warm weather and sunny days.

One of the reasons why there are tourists in Vienna during the entire year are not just the tourist sites and the weather, but also the events that attract them. Whole year is filled with festivals, concerts, parades, etc. For example, in April and May there are Easter Market and Vienna Fair, big events in the city that attract local and foreign visitors. June is popular for the Rainbow Parade, which is also a big event for the city and people come from all over the world.  When it comes to winter, a reason why many put on warm clothes and go into a battle with low temperatures is the enchanting and wonderful Christmas Markets in Viennese style. It is a unique experience and so great that it is worth a little sacrifice. Winters in Vienna are also known for the snow and cold winds, these two are common things there and snow holds on for the most of the winter.

If you are looking after temperatures and the mild weather, spring and fall are ideal, as already mentioned, but they are also great for those who don’t like crowds. The city is almost empty with tourists in that part of the year and there are no long lines in waiting for your turn at some of the popular sites, easier to find accommodation and even a place in a café to sit and relax. This is an advantage comparing to the summer season when you have to book your hotel at least 2 month in advance. Also, prices are a bit higher in the summer and winter season in comparison to spring and fall.

Every season has its benefits and its drawbacks, but that is the way it is. Another good thing is that most of the sites are open during the whole year, so you don’t have to worry about missing on something. However, it is important to decide what your priorities are and you can easily choose a season and find the best way to make your vacation in Vienna unforgettable.