You can also choose between different cuisines, or local and traditional dishes. But, while your in Thailand,it would be a real shame to oat something that is not a traditional dish, because Thai cuisine is very diverse, colorful and delicious with specialties that melt in your mouth. Here are some of the affordable places where you must eat and try some of the local specialties.

Inter is a small restaurant that serves local dishes, located at the Siam Square. It is also one of the cheapest places to eat and the portions you get are more than enough considering the prices. It is one of the favorite places for both locals and tourists and here you can try dishes like green curry chicken, tomyum, fried pork with garlic and pepper or pad Thai. All these dishes are prepared in a traditional way and the staff that serves you are friendly and professional.

Isao Sushi Bar is for those who are lovers of the Japanese cuisine. It is one of the most popular Japanese places to eat in Bangkok. They are famous for their delicious food, great service and affordable prices. It is not the cheapest place in the city, but the food comes in generous portions, it is well prepared and the price you are paying for all that is more than reasonable.

Let Them Eat Cake is a patisserie located in the Siam Center. It is a great place for those who prefer cakes over curry and rice, but also for the ones who look for a delicious dessert. It is one of the best patisseries in the city with high standard cakes and desserts that can be compared to some of the best world-known patisseries. It is a place you have to go and try even the tinniest dessert they offer.

Nai Mog Hoi Tod is a small place that serves only oysters and mussels, but some of the best in the city. This place even won a prestigious star award. Even though they only serve oysters and mussels, you can choose between various dishes and you can get them crispy or super crispy. The word is that the super crispy kind is the most popular at this place. Both oysters and mussels are served fresh and delicious, so you don’t want to avoid this place. The price for the food you get is affordable and more than acceptable.

The White Flower Bakery Restaurant is a place not yet discovered by tourists. It is not a surprise since it doesn’t look very attractive from the outside and it is hard to notice it. But, the inside is completely different; it is actually a huge two-story restaurant that serves delicious Western and Thai dishes. The atmosphere is relaxing and informal and the staff is friendly. Prices are not too high and match the food and the service you get.

Among the countless restaurants in Bangkok, it is s bit hard to choose the one with low prices and good food, but these restaurants match that description and are perfect for budget travelers.