Visit this exotic, cultured and historic land in Asia which is considered as one of the precious havens by travelers from all over.

Thailand is situated along Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula and the coasts of Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. It is famous for its paradise-like, tropical beaches, ancient royal palaces and ruins, as well as intricate and glittering sacred Buddhist temples. Thailand is also widely known for great and enticing cuisine with its very conducive tropical climate and a fascinating culture which attracts many travel explorers.

Bangkok which is the capital city boasts of a posh, modern cityscape with its solemn canals and communities which can be found along the riverside. You can also discover within its commercial area, amazing and stunning, puzzle-like alleys crowded with busy shops, restaurants, and markets.

You could find anything in Thailand – from its rich, green jungle, crystalline, blue waters, to its exotic food that can truly satisfy you palate.

Places in Thailand

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