Royal Grand Palace is a famous complex of buildings amazingly decorated and with colorful ceramic roofs. The history of this complex goes back in 18th century when the building of it started; it was the year 1782, when Bangkok became the capital of Thailand. This complex is also famous because there is settled the most sacred Thai temple, Wat Phra Kaeo, with the statue of emerald Buddha. This statue can only be touched by the king when he changes its clothes 3 times a year, at the beginning of different seasons. The dress code for entering the Grand Palace is very strict, but you can rent some if you are inappropriately dressed.

Ayutthaya is not really located in the city of Bangkok, but about 80 km away from the capital. You can take a tour, local travel agencies have different offers and you can choose which one you like, it will be worth it. Ayutthaya is actually an ancient city built in 13th century, but Burmese destroyed it in the 18th century and still today the entrance to the remains of this city is forbidden for them. This amazing city had about 400 temples, 3 palaces, 29 forts and 94 city gates. It was the strongest empire of the southeast Asia at the time, and today, many of the remaining buildings are a part of the national heritage of Thailand.

Wat Pho is the largest and the oldest temple in Bangkok.  It is located next to the Grand Palace and it is mostly famous by the biggest Buddha statue in the world; it is 46m long, 15m high and covered with gold leafs. Back in the past at this location was settled the center of Thai medicine and today this is still a place where you can learn about healing with herbs and traditional massages.

Vimanmek Palace is also settled near the Grand Palace and it is the largest building  made of golden blocks in the world. Originally, this building was royal summer residence, but in the 1900 it was completely dismantled and relocated to its current location. It has 81 room and 3 royal residencies and visits are allowed only for organized groups and last for 30 minutes. The dress code is the same as in the Grand Palace and if you have a ticket for the Grand Palace, the entrance is free.

National Museum in Bangkok is one of the largest and most significant in the region of southeast Asia with an enormous collection of artifacts from Neolithic period on. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday and you can find multilingual tours with volunteers, different day-different language. You can find more information about the schedule on the official site of the museum.

This is just a small part of Bangkok’s rich heritage, but still enough to leave you breathless and make you wish to come back.