When it comes to tourist season in Bangkok, the peak of the season is between November and March, which is the cool season there. The temperatures might be a little cooler, but the great thing is that it is also a dry season and the humidity is at its lowest level. The cool season doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to expect low temperatures, they can get up to 30°C.

These mild temperatures and pleasant weather are also the reason why during this time of the year the capital of Thailand is, we can even say, too crowded with tourists. It is almost impossible to find accommodation without booking it at least 2 or 3 months in advance. You’ll have to wait in lines to see the attractions in the city and probably will have the same problem booking some kind of a tour. It is especially crowded during the month of December because of the winter holidays, Christmas and New Year celebration.

The hottest period of the year in Bangkok is from March to May, temperatures are insanely high and humidity is also a problem. Many try to avoid this period of the year and wandering the city during the midday is not recommended. If you still want to visit Bangkok during this period, make sure that you have air-condition in the room and drink enough water so you don’t dehydrate. Good thing is that it is easier to find a place to stay comparing to the cool season and prices are lower, so this is a good time for shopping in Bangkok.

With the end of the dry season, the monsoon season with heavy rain starts; this period lasts from June to October and the months that are the rainiest are August and September. The humidity still present and the rains can last for so long that some parts of the city can be flooded. This is the period of the year that tourists avoid the most. This doesn’t mean that it constantly rains entire days; in fact, mornings are usually dry, the afternoons are the period when rain showers hit the city. You can easily find a hotel room at the time, there are no crowds and waiting in lines and you can find some fantastic discounts.

Taking everything into consideration, the best time to visit Bangkok, including factors like weather and events, is definitely the cool season. Except for a little trouble with finding accommodation, everything else goes in your favor. That doesn’t mean, of course, that Bangkok doesn’t have its charms and benefits during other seasons, but the best is to avoid the monsoon season.