Lake Louise, Canada

Crystal clear waters of the peaceful Louise Lake deriving from the grandiose mountain glaciers are one of the many heart-stopping places in Banff National Park in Canada.

A pure nature’s bounty and destination that any nature lover would wish for. No matter what time of the year it is, this iconic Canadian lake attracts tourists thirsting for adventure.

Skateboarding, ice climbing, skiing are just some of the winter activities that are available at this heavenly place. Also, during the winter, the lake freezes and turns into one of the most amazing, giant, natural skate rinks giving you a once-in-a lifetime experience of skating at such a unique and wondrous place.

In the summer, it becomes a perfect destination for fishing, rafting, hiking, paddling and walking down and up the majestic mountain slopes surrounding the lake.

This picturesque lake will leave you breathless with all its fairytale charm and beauty, making you wish to come back to this wonderland.


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