Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Mentioning long beaches with fine sand, summer breeze playing with the palm leaves, crystal clear water perfect for swimming and diving among the colorful and diverse underwater life, all this associates to the Cayman Islands.

Nevertheless, it is not such a surprise that the Cayman Islands are often called „heaven on earth“.

Located in the Caribbean Sea and tucked between Honduras, Belize, Jamaica and Cuba, these islands are the perfect destination for both those who search for relaxation and those who are looking for action and adventure. All the water and underwater activities that you can imagine, you can enjoy here on the Grand Cayman; kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing,paddleborading are only a few things you can start with.

A unique and rare experience of scuba diving through the amazing underwater world, swimming with turtles and petting stingrays are just a beginning of your exciting Cayman adventure in the deepest waters of the world.


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