Florence, Italy

It will be no wonder to vary the old saying into, “once a tourist, always a tourist,” because let’s face it; traveling is just as much addictive to an ordinary person as drinks and pills are to a fresh junkie. The world is a place full of different tastes, colors, artistry and spirit, each of which are lovingly wholesome in itself.

Italy, a popular parliamentary republic in Europe, is located in the heart of the great Mediterranean Sea. Florence is a beautiful capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany, and it is that one location that credits much to those boasting pleasure talks the travelers often rave about once they are done touring. It had been the land of Romans once, emerging from a depth of historical tales and monuments to bring another piece of land consisting of numerous attractions and modified places that in present day rank Florence a city among the highest income generators. Palazzo Medici Riccardi is a well-known building that is famous for its intriguing stone masonry, while Palazza Strozzi is another example of magnificent stone artwork of those decades ago, What years ago was called merely Roman ruins, is today the most fashionable city, also ranked in the top 51 Fashion Capitals, introducing particular Italian lifestyle and standards.

The climate is an aspect that many hold to the heart with significant regard, since most of us might as well live undersea than bear those ugly rashes to the delicate skin in the hot, wild noon(s).However, there’s no need to fret over that when you decide to fly over to Florence, because as much as this city has scored in making populous “fashionistas” feel positively insecure, it leaves no space in taking away the weather perks all to itself. There comes just enough heat with light rainfall on and off to lighten the mood, and cool, damp winters with snowfall at times.

There is an abundance of sightseeing locations and places to discover in all the categories, ranging from food to churches to monuments; the Romans apparently did them a huge favor for the after-years. Florence is known to withhold the most important artworks and galleries, taking pride in its separate identity for being one of the cities with best preserved Renaissance, and art and architecture. Some of the names include The Vasari Corridor, Bargello, where you may find a concentration of sculpture works by great artists. A number of theatre and cinemas bring the ancient nightlife into a giddy awakening, particularly speaking of Odeon Cinema and the Teatro della Pergola. The domed cathedral of the city, known as The Duomo, the masterpiece of a Roman aqueduct marble structure, Piazza della Signorina, Palazzo Vecchio or the Old Palace, and many more attractions are the reason Florence make a stunning place to tour, capture and record, because quite frankly, after experiencing the cuisine, wine and nightlife of this Italian fashion pride, the days as well become a memorable honor you wish everyone to tell about.


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