Italy stretching along the Mediterranean coastline is a country in Southern Europe which possesses a rich culture and boasts of sumptuous, world class cuisine.

To the north, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia and its borders are famous for its naturally-defined Alpine watershed. The boot-shaped peninsula of Italy comprises some of the diverse and scenic landscapes on Earth. Tuscany, which lies to the south of the cisalpine region, is the country’s best known region.

It is the home of Renaissance treasures with the likes of Michelangelo’s immortal masterpiece, “David” and the enchanting, sinking city of canals, Venice, as well as the vogue, fashion capital, Milan. Together with Greece, Italy is considered as the birthplace of Western culture and known to be one of Mother Nature’s Darlings owing to its natural and lavish geography.

Travelers who opt for awe-inspiring art and architectural designs that influenced Western civilization should visit stunning Italy.

Places in Italy

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