Kamalame cay, The Bahamas

Escape to a magical island that offers mesmerizing view and wonderful adventure, dotted with beautiful limbo trees and bougainvillea, it’s a trip of unforgettable experiences.

The island is gracefully designed with a spirit of hospitality so as to make sure that you have the best possible experiences. The island is housed by spectacularly designed West-Indian bungalows, cottages and villas which offer more than comfortable stay with options to treat you with various kinds of massages. At Kamalame Cay you will have the extraordinary privilege to use the underwater spa which is the one of a kind in the Bahamas.

Accessible to only 60 guests enjoy the amazing breeze, natural scenery and hospitable staff, Kamalame is one of a kind experience.

Kamalame Cay- An island that offers exquisite French cuisines , cute golf buggies to ride, spectacular sceneries and an exotic getaways from  your day to day life.


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