Barcelona, Spain

The actual summer season has a sticky weather with high humidity. Locals go to cooler places at this time of the year and late come back for the fall when the average high temperature drops back to the 70s. Summer constitutes the peak tourist season in the months of July and August and expect that everything from airfare to hotels have higher prices.

Barcelona is known to be blessed with a Mediterranean climate. Early summer and fall are the best times to visit the stunning city especially in the months of May to June and September to October. Even during the winter season, daytime is described as crisp to cold but almost sunny each day. Snow in Barcelona is rare and never lasts more than a day or two. August is a major vacation month in Europe. Traffic to Spain from France, the Netherlands, and Germany becomes a veritable migration, and low-cost hotels along the coastal areas are almost impossible to find unless you book in advance of your travel to the city that never sleeps.