However, some of the renowned hotel chains like Sheraton, Marriott or Hilton once in a while give big discounts and you can find a more luxurious accommodation than you thought you would with a reasonable price. Sometimes these discounts go so big that you can find a room for 35-45 Euros per night, which is not much more expensive than you would pay in an average hotel.

If you are not up for a luxury, but just want an ordinary hotel room that will come with a reasonable price, there is vast of choices because London is full of these hotels. First thing that you should do is pick a location – if you are not somewhere in the center,  than you should be somewhere near the subway so you  don’t waste your time trying to reach all the attractions. You should also look for an accommodation unit that has a kitchenette or B&B, so you can save money when it comes to eating.

Tourist season in London starts in April and lasts till October. Sure, there are tourists during the whole year and there are enough capacities even in the peak of the season, but the problem is that most of the cheaper accommodation units are already booked or occupied, so you have to book in advance in order to get an affordable place to stay.

Some of the affordable hotels and hostels that are high rated by their quests are Holiday Inn London-Bexley, Safestay Hostel, Hillspring Lodge, Palmers Lodge, Lodge NW2. All of these places have the necessary amenities ad services that you need and a friendly staff that will help to make your staying there comfortable and pleasant. Staying at these hotels, hostels and lodges will cost you from 13GBP-21GBP per night, which are the lowest prices they offer.

Here are also some hotels that are luxurious, but you can stay here for a reasonable price, taking into consideration the service you get: Harewood Bed and Breakfast, Grove Guest House London, Premier Inn London Hanger Lane, Premier Inn London Greenwich and The Oaks Guest House. The listed places offer high quality service and all of them are rated from 9,5-10. The lowest prices that they offer per night go from 40GBP-90GBP, but it is worth the money you pay because the service is impeccable.

This is only a small part of what London offers you when it comes to accommodation, but it is a good starting point for searching the hotels and hostels and a good orientation of what you can get for your money.