When it comes to weather, experiences of many tourists say that the best weather is spring and that the city at the time looks really amazing. Parks are blooming with flowers, greenery is everywhere and the nature is awaking after the long, cold winter. Temperatures are also mild during this period, so can take long walks and if you have enough time, visit by foot sites that you have planned to see. Along with the summer, this is one of the main seasons in London when the city is crowded with tourists. That may be a little drawback, but if you book your hotel in time and can tolerate bunch of people, then this is one of the most recommended periods of the year to visit London.

As already mention, summer months are the peak of the season. Most of Londoners are at the time already out of the city, going to their own vacations, but you can’t tell because tourists are so numerous that you don’t even see the difference. Hotels are mostly occupied at the time and if you don’t have a room booked it will be very difficult to find a place to stay, or if you still find it, you will pay for it a pretty big amount of money. So, if you are traveling on a budget, don’t even think about coming in London in summer and not having a hotel reservation. That is also the time when everything is a bit more expensive, including bars, restaurants and shops.

Winter in London is really not that popular, especially in the period from January to March, mainly because of the weather. It can be really cold, but the good news is that snow and very low temperatures are rare during the winter here. The part of this season when London is again overcrowded with tourists is around winter holidays, Christmas and New Year. That is also the time when you have to do everything you do in the summer season if you want to have a place to stay. However, it is totally worth it, because London looks magical in the time of winter holidays and there is the popular New Year’s parade. Also, that is the right time to shop in London because almost every store and shop in the city have soaring sales and discounts.

As already said, London is worth visiting any time of the year, every season has its own charms. It is your decision when to go, but no matter which season you choose to go there, always bring an umbrella with you – as we all know, London is quite famous for the sudden rains that can fall throughout the entire year.