Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in America

The honeymoon ought to be forever engraved on our memory. Some opt for relaxation, disconnection, beaches and cocktails; others like to discover other lands, other cultures and other stories. Well, the Americas ‒ a continent teeming with secrets and surprises; pre-Columbian sites, colonial cities, festive atmosphere, warm encounters and age-old traditions ‒ is the whole package.

Honeymooners, don’t spin the globe at random, we went over the continent with a fine-toothed comb and compiled this list.

  1. British Columbia


Still impregnated by the various Indian nations that composed it, Western Canada is the perfect playground for lovers of the great outdoors who would like to discover its sumptuous nature, enjoy a few stops in charming lodges and villages where time seems to have stopped along with the gold fever.


  1. Las Vegas


Sin City is not incompatible with love. The craziest city in the world has long been a haven for the wedded. Much more than just gambling, the Strip offers some of the finest spectacles of the world, fulgurant hotels and a hallucinating salmagundi of voguish restaurants, shopping outlets and nightclubs.


  1. Hawaii


ALOHA! Listening to that single word only makes you already feel being thousands of miles away! In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the archipelago of Hawaii, endowed with sublime beaches and breathtaking walks, is a dream destination that will suit lovers of idleness and adventure-seekers.


  1. Cancún


You want a beach just for you and better half under a sun that never dries up? Cancún has much more. Awaiting you are fireworks fired in your honor, mystical hues of candles spread all over the hotel swimming pool and a small string orchestra playing soft music.


  1. Belize


Facing the Caribbean Sea, this enchanting peninsula with its jagged coastline, atolls and coral reefs features one of the world’s most famous sites for scuba diving; and a plethora of eye-popping landscapes, lagoons and sandy beaches.


  1. Bahamas


Awe-inspiring lagoons, white sands and even pink sands, opulent beachfront hotels… Welcome to the Bahamas! Already feeling the sweet smell of the holidays and sunlight flirting with your skin? You surely can visualize whitecaps slapping ashore! This really is a honeymoon destination by excellence, maybe the most stylish.


  1. Guatemala


In the land of the legendary quetzal. On its colorful markets, the Maya brand marks everything. The Tikal pyramids sticking out into the tropical jungle, the volcanoes-rimmed lake Atitlan and the colonial character of Antigua, this confetti of Central America has accumulated many assets. The habitat of the sacred bird of the Maya is an exciting destination for newlyweds.


  1. Rio de Janeiro


honeymoonamerica8One of the most iconic cities in the world, Rio is a vibrant megalopolis where events and customs, natural beauty and historical heritage combine harmoniously; famous for the Carnival, Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and Copacabana beach. But not only! Cariocans are reputed to be bon vivants who like to have fun and party.


  1. Peru


The home of the Incas and their fortress Machu Picchu has made conquistadors in quest for the Eldorado dream for centuries and is a muse for archeologists. For newlyweds though, Peru has a surreal landscape mosaic and singular reliefs and will correspond perfectly to those in search of distant locations.


  1. Argentina


A vast bounteous land of contrasts; Argentina has a distinctive cachet! As proud as a gaucho in the pampas, suffusing as a tango song, the most European country in South America abounds in mythical sites: Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Patagonia… honeymooners, look no further.


As the Moon is not available yet, and until they make getaways there an affordable reality, you can opt for one of the above hotspots, earthly yet none the less hypnotizing.

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