Top 10 Cuisines of the World

It is a matter of surprise that how much pride people take in the history, culture and richness behind the cuisine of their region. To all the foodies reading this, you are about to experience a culinary extravaganza.

  1. Chinese


A cuisine that has won hearts all over the world has to be Chinese. Every part of the world has tried to imitate Chinese food but the authentic taste can only come from real ingredients. The use of vinegar, soy and chilli gives every dish a distinct flavour no matter if they are plain noodles or fancy Wontons.

  1. Indian


The spice nation lives up to its name as far as food is concerned. Indians are obsessed with their spices and curries. Wheat, rice and pulses are the staple food of the country. The rich flavour of Butter Chicken and the well balanced Sambhar will leave you salivating for more and more.

  1. Italian

collage of various photo of delicious italian pasta dishes
When we think of Italian food, the first thing that strikes our mind is Pizza. Italian food has a lot more to offer like, more than 300 types of pasta, silky risottos, dreamy tiramisu and luscious variety of sauces.

  1. French



The French delicacies consist of beautiful dishes like French Onion Soup, Escargot (snails) and Crepes. The light and delicate elements create a magic on the palate. The French are famous for their pastries, especially the flaky croissants and the melting in the mouth profiterole. Accompany your meal with a French wine and Voila!

  1. USA


America has every kind of cuisine to offer but there are some goodies native to the place. To get the right feel of America just grab a hotdog with the relish and mustard on top to get some lip smacking burst of flavour. Humongous steaks and comforting burgers are the best part of the cuisine.

  1. Japanese


We eat with our eyes and Japanese cuisine showcases this quality in its food. The colours of the Sushi, Sashimi and the vegetables in the Ramen not only impart a great taste but also appeal the eyes. Japanese are famous for their green tea Matcha which has health benefits.

  1. Middle-Eastern


A cuisine true to its culture and heritage has to be Middle Eastern cuisine. Healthy food with heaps of flavours and spices that will tickle your taste buds is a speciality of this cuisine. Hummus, Tahini and Baba Ganoush are dips to die for accompanied with Pita bread. The overly sweet Baklava is the perfect way to end a hearty meal.

  1. Thai


Thai food has a slight kick to it which makes is very difficult to fault. Lemongrass, galangal and peppercorns not only give the famous Thai Green Curry its genuineness but also infuse the subtle aroma in it. Coconut milk plays the role of mellowing down the strong and pungent elements in this cuisine.

  1. Mexican


Fresh and joyous is how Mexican cuisine can be described. Tortilla, a flatbread, is the base for many dishes including Tacos and Quesadillas. Guacamole, made of avocado, is another asset to the Mexicans. Cilantro is the herb that imparts the freshness in almost all dishes.

  1. Greek


Greek food believes in sharing and eating together. Mezze platter is what a Greek family eats during a celebration. It consists of several small dishes which creates a perfect harmony on the plate. A Greek Salad is the perfect accompaniment on a lazy summer afternoon.

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