The Entrancing North Island, Seychelles


Seychelles is the remnant of the primordial continent, immobile anchor when lands were torn to derive, or to drown. We didn’t know when they have been discovered, but immediately explorers thought they had found the paradise on Earth. We get it! As the Seychelles seems to be breathing on the beats of an angel’s wing, trembling of butt-coconuts and coconut trees, water colored dollhouses, pure beaches as Eden must be, the barely perceptible waves’ rhythm, and the sweet smile of those living there. Seychelles represent the ultimate seaside and nature destination. This enthralling archipelago, placed just below the equator, not far from the African coast, has everything to make your trip there one of a kind, one that can’t be replicated anywhere else. You bathe in the most desired beaches in the world, in the middle of unique pink granite rocks, and you walk in sea coconut forests, endemic species in the Seychelles. Tasty Creole cuisine completes the idyllic picture of this paradisiacal archipelago, a classic honeymoon destination.

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North Island

Being alone in the world . Live exceptional moments in a true haven of peace. Here is the North Island . A unique place where luxury is king. Forget your shoes and experience the barefoot luxury ! This private island is quite popular with couples.

Seychelles immediately evokes the most beautiful islands in the world, each like a precious stone set in the perfect azure Indian Ocean. Today, this archipelago contains 115 islands and myriad natural treasures which have earned them the reputation of the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”. North Island is one of only two places in the archipelago where no a trace of volcanic ash has ever been found: they are both granitic islands, (the other one being its near neighbor, Silhouette Island.) About 17 miles north of Mahe, and about 3.5 miles north of Silhouette, North Island displays its beauty over about 200 hectares. Three granite mountains, rising up to 180 meters, dominate two freshwater lakes and rugged coastline, where nest creeks of fine sands. This is where they like to locate the original paradise of Adam and Eve. We do not find apple tree in this Garden of Eden, but the mysterious coconut sea (also known as butt coconut!), unique in the world. Bathing in the warm and clear waters of the Indian Ocean, boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, of pink granite rocks, North Island is perfect for a honeymoon or an escape vacation.


An Island-Lodge

The archipelago, pieces of dream spread over an emerald sea.

The Island, a sanctuary preserved in a sweet and colorful nature.

Beaches: immaculate carpets of blue fringes.

The Hotel: a snapshot of Eden.

For long abandoned, the tiny North Island was bought (by a tourism company working in the ecotourism niche) and chosen to be made an exclusive and luxurious lodge. The resources used for the construction of the lodge almost all used materials from the rehabilitation process. Everything was done to capture and reproduce the true essence of North Island, which is unique experience of harmony with the natural environment. The North Island Hotel has only 11 villas for guests, each having been perfectly designed to exalt the nature offer clients an authentic atmosphere of a second home. Each offering a spacious architecture of 450 sqm, the 11 villas of the hotel were built by hand by Seychellois and African craftsmen in wood, stone, glass and thatch materials. The bedrooms, of rich proportions, open onto large en suite marble bathroom. Fully retractable sliding doors allow you to enjoy a natural setting of exceptional beauty. A small private swimming pool with salas ( terrace and a dining area ) completes the portrait of this privacy temple.

To preserve the harmony of the Lodge with nature, the architects of the North Hotel sought to limit development, to reduce noise, protect historical sites, and install a sewage system respecting the environment. Continued compliance of this policy has allowed the so private eleven villas of the lodge to blend into their environment, enveloping the island with sort of an ecological aura. The owners of North Island have always been close to nature. So they wanted to fight for the reintroduction of threatened species on the island. The island is a true wildlife sanctuary. Thanks to many combined efforts, three species of native birds, which were all listed on the endangered species list, have miraculously reappeared: the black paradise flycatcher, the Seychelles warbler and above all, the Seychelles robin, one of the rarest birds in the world.

To explore the magic of the archipelago, it is possible to do scuba diving, sea kayaking, fly fishing, working out in the gym, touring in bicycles and buggies (small cars, each Villa has one), specially adapted to the terrain. Excursions to Silhouette or boat trips from one island to another are also proposed. Finally, the lucky ones may have the privilege of seeing the turtles lay their eggs on the North Island shores.

The thalassotherapy center offers a luxurious experience and abandonment, for perfect harmony with oneself. In addition to conventional treatments, custom design holistic treatments for rejuvenation of body, mind and soul are proposed.

The hotel’s focal point, the Piazza Island combines stylish buildings near the beautiful Almond tree: the library in coral blocks, living room and dining room near the water lily pond, a sala for private dinner and the bar. In the mountain, on a platform overlooking the sea, a 45 meter long pool invites to a swim in heights.


Embrace the soul of Seychelles

At the heart of the Seychelles’ archipelago, North Island fascinates by its lush landscapes and the comfort of its splendid all-inclusive villas, but not only! You have plenty to discover to fully enjoy the best moments of your trip to North Island:

Local cuisine

Culinary art in North Island draws from both the Seychelles Creole style and culinary trends from Africa, France, South India and Southeast Asia. It uses natural products abundant on the island and the Indian Ocean resources. The chief meets guests upon their arrival, explains the principles of the culinary art of the North Island, asks them what their preferences are, what they like and they don’t. From this information, daily menus are planned.

The local cuisine is based on rice and fish. Curry, chicken, octopus (called zourite) or fish, is the national dish. It is usually quite spicy (a chili lime sauce is always on the table). The fish can be served grilled or baked; these are mostly coral fish. They are served with the Seychelles sauce, made of tomato, soy, pepper, lemon and a little spice to stir the taste buds. Crabs are also honored: small crabs called trouloulous and giraffe crabs. They are served with coconut curry. The “dish of the millionaire” is made with fresh palm hearts. To prepare it, they have to cut down a palm tree to extract its heart. A Seychelles specialty is “bat stew”, yes you read it right! This is exclusively a fruit eater flying fox which has a gamy taste. In North Island, like all over Seychelles, absolutely all tropical fruits are available: mango, guava, passion fruit, jackfruit, the breadfruit, small bananas, melons, pineapples, grapefruits. You will also have the opportunity to taste the fruits of the breadfruit tree, the Seychellois spinach and the sweet potato cake. All accompanied by the SeyBrew, the local beer.



Artisanship and Souvenirs

In the shops, there are very creative textile items (batiks, sarongs and shirts), designed by young local artists. Seychellois artisans also make pretty baskets, hats and mats. You find beautiful jewelry mixing gold, coral and seashells. But to protect the endangered turtles, it is not advisable to buy jewelry made of tortoiseshell. One of the most meticulous crafts is that of miniature ship models. Consider bringing back home with you some spices (cinnamon and vanilla in particular), essential oils, or the local liquor (love coco). The most original souvenir remains the “coco de mer” or “butt-coconut”. Split into two, it forms original baskets of fruit. Consider asking for a certificate to present to Customs. It is not free: expect to pay from 100 to 200 $.


There are four beaches in North Island. They are located at each corner of the island. Vast expanse of white sands that you only see as screensaver. The shells give a nice glow to the water’s edge. And the sunsets are fabulous. You still must learn to remain vigilant because sometimes the currents can be strong enough. Each one of these beaches is more beautiful than the other. La Petite Anse, opposite the restaurant, is the most sheltered of all. It allows wading slowly into the water. No matter where you want to sit on the beach, the staff will bring you willingly a deck chair and towels. These large wooden deck chairs are equipped with comfortable mattresses of cream color, accompanied by large umbrella of the same color.

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