The Spectacular Obersee, Bavaria, Germany

Spectacular scenery, impressive and glorious rivers and lakes and imposing cities all together help in making Bavaria Germany’s most awe-inspiring holiday destination. Located right in the heart of Europe it can be the perfect holiday destination providing gorgeous attractions and opportunities for one and all. The Obersee or the “upper Lake” as it is known in German is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps located in Southern Germany in the Berchtesgaden National Park. It constitutes the larger part of Lake Constance with an area ranging to about 473 square km in size.  The crystal clear waters of the lake surrounded by high mountains are situated close to the border of Austria. The upper lake as it is famously called is drained by the Seerhein which later flows into the lower lake with Alpine Rhine being its main tributary.


In the Berchtesgaden National Park Lake Obersee is connected to the Lake Konigssee by a ten minute walk. Long ago the mirror-like waters of the lakes together formed one big lake which was broken down into two sibling lakes by the forces of nature over thousands of years ago. From the Obersee Lake you can enjoy breath taking views of the Bavarian Alps not to miss the highest waterfalls in Germany, the 400 meter high Rothbach waterfalls. It is recommended to take the early morning boat to avoid the crowd to enjoy the very nature of the lake.


Magnificent places to visit in Bavaria are the Bavarian Forest, the Berchtesgadener Land, Stanberg Five Lakes region, Lake Chiemsee and Limes and Altmuhl Nature parks to name a few. Munich the capital of Bavaria is very famous for river surfing, towable plank riding and rafting on the Eisbach wave. The Romantic road offers visitors and tourists a glorious opportunity to see the small historic towns with their rich cultural backgrounds and majestic and historical buildings that still retain their original charm. The ideal way to end your holiday would be an ‘Almabtrieb’ by boat on Lake Konigsee, the Obersee and the Salet with the farmers.

Bavarian customs are diverse and authentic at the same time. Traditional festivals and events are the main element of social life in Bavaria, that are celebrated with warmth for the young and the old alike. Century old festivals have become popular meeting places by the young Bavarians who have started bringing new life into age old customs.


This destination is a photographer’s delight, the greatest feature being that the same locales and boathouses look exotically different at different times of the day as well as in different seasons. A boat ride to the Obersee will provide you with glorious beautiful scenery not to mention the clear emerald waters of the lake and the majestic surrounding mountains. The boat ride stops in the middle with enchanting trumpet songs played by the tourist guide echoing between the mountains is remarkable. Small shops and cafes at the entrance of the lakes are very resplendent including a visit to the St. Batholomae Church.

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