Alluring Hong Island – Krabi, Thailand

Located against the magnificent backdrop of the Phang Nga Bay the Hong Islands are one of the most beautiful islands in the province of Krabi. These four spectacular islands of the Koh Hong group with innumerable rocky outcrops belong to the National Marine Park that is at a twenty minutes distance by speed boat from Ao Nang or three quarters of an hour from longtail. A great view of the coastline can be seen as the boats travel quite near the shore. The Hong islands have been given the status of National Park which means that this island will remain in its natural state without any resorts or private beaches.


The four islands namely Koh Lahding, Koh Pakbia, Koh Rai and of course the main island Koh Hong are all amazingly beautiful. Koh Hong is generally still quite uninhabited with a variety of wild birds, reptiles and the white faced gibbons that are seen occasionally on the white sandy beaches. This island can be accessed by kayak usually when the tide is low or by motor boats or speed boats during medium tide. A cliff passage marks the entrance to the island that is really stunning with the water that constantly changes its colors from emerald green to a deep turquoise blue. A large lagoon is found in the interior of the island surrounded by mangroves and their enormous root systems. The beach is lined by shady trees that allow you to just sit back and marvel at the undisturbed beauty of the place.


The Hong islands include many islands that include Hong Island Lagoon, Hong Island Bay, Lading Island, Pakbia Island and Daeng Island. Here again there are options of reaching the islands either by Speedboat or Longtail depending on the conditions of the sea and the weather.


Imposing sandbars can be seen at both Koh Pakbia and Koh Rai at low tide while the island of Koh Lahding is like a closed cove including a bird’s nest collectors’ camp. The most endorsed way to see the islands is to go by kayaks that are usually carried with you on the boat from Ao Nang.


Snorkeling is done at two places, at Lahding Bay and the rock island of Koh Daeng that is on route to Koh Hong. The beach is surrounded by rock cliffs on three sides that makes it the perfect place to snorkel even for beginners or non-swimmers. It is quite enchanting to stand in the water or get a glimpse of the underwater world surrounded by hundreds of fishes and other aquatic life. At times during low tide there are sharp corals sticking out of the sand so one has to be careful while swimming. Kayaking options are also available on the Hong Island where after a quick lesson on paddling and safety the guide will help you to paddle and explore the lagoon and also around the island. But all this will depend on the conditions of the sea whether rough or calm at that time.


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