Dramatic Seven Falls, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Situated in South Cheyenne Canon, Colorado Springs in Colorado is a dramatic scenery, Seven Falls. Seven Falls is a series of mesmerizing, cascading waterfalls which also has a historic gravesite and also called “The Grandest Mile of Scenery” in Colorado.

The exquisite natural wonder excites the senses and provides a dreamy landscape fit for a romantic getaway or a haven where poets can compose enchanting lyrics. Perfect for nature lovers, the Seven Falls takes you to a 224 steps of magnificent series of stunning waterfalls nestled in a 1,250-foot wall box canyon. These daring steps lead to a hiking trail and the banks of a captivating stream that feeds the 181-foot drop of crystalline, falling water at the falls. A great sightseeing attraction in Colorado Springs, and the only Colorado Waterfall included on National Geographic’s list of international wonders.


A bird’s eye view of the magnificent fall can be had by going up to the Eagle’s Nest Platform. Crystal clear water from the Pikes Peak Watershed artistically shaped a captivating natural box canyon, the steep-walled enclosed canyon that became a symbol of the American West. The mighty pillars of Hercules tower the canyon and emphasize its grandeur as they rise over 900 feet above the canyon floor. Cutting through the pink granite, we can discover the mystic Seven Falls.

Stepping inside the haven, you will be embraced by cliffs and the mystical, cascading waters. The Falls falls to 181 feet down the head of the box canyon, dancing from the granite face to granite face in seven distinct leaps.

Adventurers and divers alike might want to delve into Broadmoor Soaring Adventure zip-line tours which is quite an exhilarating exploration of the enchanting Seven Falls, following rope bridges and culminating in a rappel. Other travelers can opt to immerse themselves in more leisurely experiences by exploring shops, dining at the exotic Restaurant 1858 or might as well go strolling the 2,500 foot long, natural-surface walking trail. You can also go hiking two different trails. One is a short half mile walk to Midnight Falls, and the other one is a mile long hike to Inspiration Point, where you can be mesmerized at the beauteous Great Plains.


The Seven Falls had undergone extensive renovations in the year 2015 which includes the fine dining Restaurant 1858 which can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Admission fees range from $14 for adults and $ 8 for kids. Children under 2 years old have free admission with group rates available but with some restrictions. Parking is free which is located at the Broadmoor Hotel where they provide a shuttle service to the park.

The tall, seven-stepped waterfall is just a short distance from the park’s entrance. You can marvel at its beauty from the bottom and enter the granite hallway that leads you to the elevator where you can get a spectacular bird’s eye view at 140 feet. Enjoy the luscious sceneries around you while you are on the platform.

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