What To Buy From Amalfi?

Loaded with fun activities for travel enthusiasts and opportunities for impulse buyers, Amalfi Coast is one perfect destination. From sightseeing to indulging in great food, from enjoying adventurous water sports to buying the finest souvenirs or designer dresses brought in right from Milan, there are a lot of activities to engage in when you happen to take a trip to Amalfi Coast.

If you’re planning a trip to this legendry destination and you’re thinking about bringing some really good stuff back home as souvenirs or as gifts, here’s what you ought not miss in Amalfi.

  1. Handmade Chocolate

Handmade chocolate! You won’t find a better variety of handmade chocolate in the entire region of Amalfi or perhaps the entire Italy than at the Cioccolato Andrea Pansa. Ready to give great competition to Swiss chocolates, the handmade chocolates available here are simply delectable, the likes of which you might not find elsewhere. You can choose from a number of varieties here from full chocolate to dark chocolate to some little ones with centre fillings. The main shop for Cioccolato Andrea Pansa is situated at Piazza del Municipio along with a café but they also have smaller outlets in towns. You can also try amazing chocolate cakes available at the café and the prices are just right.

  1. Red Coral JewelryRed Coral Jewelry

Jewelry fanatic? Amalfi won’t let you down. The region is known for its unique, red coral jewelry that’s absolutely stunning. So if you happen to take a trip to Amalfi, buying amazing tidbits of accessorizing items made of red coral is a must. There are a number of art shops and cafes located around Amalfi Coast selling authentic red coral jewelry. However, be detailed while distinguishing between authentic and fakes because you can often end up paying more for a fake item thinking its original.

  1. Cotton-Paper

Being the pioneers in hand-made paper in entire Europe, Cotton-Paper is an authentic gift from Amalfi. If you are a writing enthusiast and you think you’ll enjoy writing stuff down on paper of exquisite quality, then don’t forget to shop for it in Amalfi. It’s not only very reasonably priced but is also lightweight and won’t crowd your luggage at all.

  1. Perfume

How can you be in Amalfi and not buy perfume? Carthusia, the enchanting oasis of scents lies in Capri, that happens to be in very close proximity to the Amalfi coast. Here you can find the most authentic of scents from the brand Carthusia itself. So if you really like perfumes and you want to purchase some great fragrances, you’ll not find a place better than Carthusia on Amalfi coast. And the price factor; if you consider it, you won’t stop at buying just one perfume for yourself. Very affordable!

  1. Ceramics

Another thing the Amalfi coast is known for is its ceramics. You’ll find the most amazing and unique collection of ceramics and sculptures in a number of art shops located around various towns in Amalfi. The main hub to purchase stunning sculptures, handmade ceramics, dishes, hand painted tiles and limoncello is the Piazza del Duomo. The piazza itself and its surrounding areas are filled with art shops and cafes that have the finest variety of ceramics you can take back home as souvenirs from the Amalfi coast.


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