How To Stay Connected During Your Holiday On The Amalfi Coast?

Once upon a time, the major requirements for a good and enjoyable holiday were great weather and good sites to see. However, that was a long time ago. Things have taken a turn now and today when you ask a traveler, what are his/her most important requirements for a true holiday, the holidaymakers will undoubtedly list free Wi-Fi amongst their necessities.

It seems holidaymakers cannot seem to do without connectivity even when they go on a holiday. The biggest complaint holidaymakers have with their holiday destinations is the non-availability of free Wi-Fi.  Access to free Wi-Fi is a key requirement for all tourists and travelers, no matter where they’re headed.

We understand that you feel a strong need to stay connected even when you are on a vacation and here are a few ways you can find free Wi-Fi spots on the Amalfi Coast. Although the beaches and their adjoining towns aren’t famous for their Wi-Fi and free internet availability in Italy and Amalfi coast isn’t different either. There are still a few spots where you can find free Wi-Fi and enjoy good connectivity free of cost.

In Amalfi, Amalfi Servizi, Piazza dei Dogi 8 has free internet connectivity for residents and tourists as well. There is a copy shop on the piazza where they also have a few computers that the public can use to surf the web.

Maiori Wi-Fi is the latest initiative by Amalfi Coast that allows free Wi-Fi access to everyone both tourists and residents. Everybody can connect to the free Maiori Wi-Fi at no cost at all and get great reception in major areas of Amalfi. A major part of the entire coastal terriority in Amalfi is connected by this wireless internet connection. In order to be able to use the service, tourists or residents will have to obtain the wireless internet access card available at the Municipality of the town or from the Local Tourist Office on the presentation of a valid identity document by the tourists.

Courtesy of the community, there is also free Wi-Fi service available for tourists on the beach area of Positano. The entire coastline is a free connectivity zone. Users might need to register at the Local Tourist Office with their valid ID or passport to gain access card enabling them to sign on the network.

Net Art Café, Via Del Brigantino 1 is part gallery and part café offering free internet connection in Positano. This is a great place to enjoy and have a try at some of the delicious Amalfi Coast specialties and treats

In Sorrento, the Piazza Tasso is also a free Wi-Fi zone. You can also find free wireless connectivity at the Gelateria Bougainvillea situated in Corso Italia 16 and also Caffe San Vicenzo in via degli Aranci 107.

In Vietri Sul Mare there is Café degli Artisti situated on Cristofo Colombo 35. The beach connected to the café has a number of computer terminals offering internet connectivity to tourists. The café also becomes a dance club at night, so there’s a lot in stock for fun.


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