Italy’s chocolate town

Italy’s city Sicilian is famous for a unique kind of Chocolate. The local cafes, bakeries and candy stores are famous for this local delicacy and tourists from all around the world visit to enjoy these amazing treats. The Chocolate recipe has been preserved for hundreds of years and tradition of this chocolate can be traced to the ancient Aztec civilization.

The recipe of Sicilian chocolate is one of the most preserved secrets in the entire world. Only a selected number of locals have an idea about how to craft his tasteful treat. When Sicily was under the Spanish control they traveled to Mexico and brought this ancient Aztec recipe, unlike the modern chocolate the ancient recipe was a bitter treat used to treat different kinds of sauces for meat dishes. Aztec people used the Cocoa beans and ground them to a paste using a smoothed and rounded rock.

The Chocolate became so famous after its initial introduction that Spaniard planted the cocoa trees in abundance in the local soil. Generation of local families continue to harvest Cocoa from these ancient trees and use the volcanic rocks to ground these beans to a fine a chocolate.


Locals ground the bean to create a paste then add a unique combination of spices and sweeteners the give the Sicilian chocolate a more crunchy taste. Sea salt chocolate and lime flavors are very popular amongst the locals, but these amazing treats can be found in any flavor. The locals have been developing this chocolate for centuries.