Friendliest cities in the World

When you are at a strange place a friendly hello, a shake of the head and a friendly handshake is all that it takes to feel at ease and these gestures have become a part of the daily ritual for people in the world’s friendliest cities. These cities are considered to be the best location for travelers and they can expect to have a very hospitable and loving welcome during their stay.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is considered to be the city with the most hospitable and friendly people. Locals believe that it is their responsibility to make the tourists feel welcome and have a great time. Dublin also boasts the lowest crime rate in Europe, which also adds to the trusting and friendly nature of the Irish people. Most of the citizens of Dublin prefer smaller and private houses rather than living in huge buildings. The city’s population is also very segregated with families living in Suburbs and younger part of the crowd sticking in the center of the city. This provides tourists to interact with the lively and welcoming people at tourist favorite spots.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Seam Reap is famous for its year-round pleasant weather and welcoming people. The country has risen from its dark past of war and chaos and shrouded a new blanket of peace and serenity. Cambodia is going through the most interesting time of its life with improving the economy, low crime rates and will of the people to reinvent itself the country is great if you wish to experience some revitalizing energy.


This is not a city for those who wish to celebrate and enjoy the nightlife, Siem Reap tends to be quiet peaceful and unassuming. The locals would leave you to your own devices and you can explore the city at your leisure without any disturbances. The city is not crowded and still retains some of its connection with older times. Cows can be seen grazing on the sidewalks and children going schools. All in all, a great place to have some peace of mind.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland holds the largest immigration population in the world. Most of its citizens have come from all around to the world to make something of their lives. The diverse culture and people make it one of the friendliest cities for tourists, who would not look out of the place walking on the streets of Auckland.


Auckland is also the largest city of New Zealand and offers plenty of activities and beautiful sceneries to occupy the imagination and time of the locals and tourists. The city is more relaxed than a metropolitan like London or Los Angeles but still carries a spring in its step.

The city has an abundance of parks, wildlife, zoos, hotels and restaurants to enjoy. The famous past time for the locals is to go on hiking trips in the surrounding woods of the City. Has some great night spots where you can enjoy indulging yourself in the guilty pleasures.