Guide to buying and validating your bus-tickets when in Florence

Bus-rides have become the latest dilemma in Italian cities for the poor foreigners who naturally come unware into the trap of strict bus-codes of the Rome police.

The next thing you know, you would be politely hushed out of the bus, cornered in the middle of nowhere, and being demanded to pay a fine of 100 euros! Would be quite a devastating experience in a stranger city, wouldn’t it be? Especially since the Italian currency is one heck of an expensive conversion.

Precautionary speaking, the buying and validating of bus-tickets are of significance in the city, and you wouldn’t get the thinnest chance to wriggle out of catching a bus and not paying the ticket, if you ever think of trying for sake of adventure. Best is to let go of the risky fun and have beforehand knowledge of these ticket-issues prior to riding the bus on your travel, something which many tourists get confused about. First and foremost, to take a bus in Florence, buy a bus-ticket in advance and have it validated when you get on the bus. Apparently that seems obvious enough, but this is where even the tourists are often charged half of their budget.

Now, exactly where would you be able to buy your bus-ticket? At any Tabacchi store; and fortunately the store has been identified by a signature capital T written on a blue or black background, which is allocated at public spots like newsstands or bars, displaying the ATAF symbol. To ask for a ticket, practice the words; “biglietto autobus”.

Bus Florence Ataf

Next, you need to know about the two types of tickets that are available for bus-rides, since presumably only few would take out the time to help you understand the whole thing. A single-trip ticket costs 1.20 euros, and is valid to for 90 minutes, whether you change buses, or take one even in the return direction. A second above the limit, your ticket expires. The multi-trip ticket (called Carta Agile) is for 10, 20 or 30 trips, as in if traveling with friends or family. If you have to take 4 trips with them, just validate it once for each member on each trip, and you’re good to go.

Here comes the big thing; validating your ticket. Without having done this, you’re just on the run of losing your money. Once you get on the bus, there is a ticket machine at the front and back of the bus, which is where you must validate or stamp your ticket, preferably before any constable decides to run a check. The machine shows your remaining trips per your card, and the bottom has a paper ticket stamper, where when you shove your ticket, wait for it to pop out and check if the stamp is properly printed.

Even if you have a wrong fine charged up on your head, the right thing is to pay it up and be on the safe side. It’s doubtful you would be allowed continued access to the country if you have outstanding bus fines. Aside from the bother, the control is actually remarkable.


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