Dish worth Travelling to a Continent

Hainanese chicken dish has earned world renown for its simplicity and amazing taste. The dish features a bowl of boiled chicken in spicy chicken broth with rice that are cooked in chicken broth and a spicy chicken sauce. Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore is visited by thousands of tourists solely for the sake of experiencing Hainanese.

The dish would leave your pallet tingling with pleasure and has been praised by the world renowned travelers Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay. The dish has a mouthwatering smell and is presented in wooden bowls that add a unique fragrance and taste to the whole dish.

There are only few dishes in the world that can make every pore in your body sing with their beauty and deliciousness and Hainanese chicken dish is one such dish. Enjoy small morsels of the rich chicken with fragrance rice under the bright sun of Singapore is an experience that is worth travelling the world.


When it comes to the visual appeal of the dish you would be tempted to think of Hainanese as a bland, tasteless hot mess that you would not be able to stomach, but when the first morsel of chicken dipped in the chili sauce hits your tongue you would be transported in a completely new place.

If you wish to experience a whole chicken dish that would leave your mouth feeling like heaven then there is nothing better than Hainanese. Some of the shops in the area have been serving customers for over 100 years.