Floating Sanctuary in Tanzania

The small island called Rubondo located in the midst of Tanzania’s largest lake is a sanctuary that is unsullied by human interference. The area is located in a remote and untraveled region which adds an additional security over the endangered animals. The island is famous for its silence that stretches for miles only disturbed by the chirping of birds or the loud wind rustling the leaves of trees.

The island was declared a game reserve in 1977. During that period, several zoologists introduced nearly a dozen endangered species that later thrived on the island and became part of its eco-system. The island is completely uninhabited and can only be accessed through boat that makes it a perfect sanctuary for animals.

The island also contains very few predators that provide an added benefit for the struggling species seeking to thrive on this part of the land. The island feels like Noah’s ark that carries the last few pairs of many endangered species. The zoologists tried to inhabit Rhino and antelopes, but they could not thrive in the wet environment of Rubondo. Later the species of Columbus Monkey, Elephant and Gray parrots were introduced on the island that continue to thrive to this very day.


The Columbus monkeys were smuggled throughout the world to be used in circus and zoos after they were provided sanctuary on this island they thrived. The animals introduced on the island are completed protected from the poachers and can grow at amazing rates due to the lack of predators.