Best things to do in Barcelona

There are numerous approaches to find the shrouded charms of a city yet no strategy is more finished and careful as tourism. It gives an awesome understanding in the workings of a city, giving an extraordinary opportunity to submerge in nearby culture. While the voyagers wander around to gather paramount articles to stamp the spots they travel, exploration likewise gives an incredible chance to the guests to comprehend the city's systems and appreciate beautiful areas.

Barcelona is one of the notorious European urban communities that hold incredible insider facts in plenitude holding up to be found. It hosts sprawling sustenance markets to memorable shops that have been around several years. Barcelona holds a quality of its history that would spellbind the guests with its sheer daringness and time catching capacity. Underneath we share probably the most notable spots in Barcelona.


Barcelona is a hub of museums and preserves a lot of ancient history. These museums present a wonderful amusement and beautiful sites for the tourists to hop around and discover from the past. The main city museums are free for one day of the month.

La Rambla

La Rambla is flagrantly crowded, yet wandering along this one km long pathway is ostensibly the prototypical Barcelona experience. Creased with grand verifiable structures, La Rambla is an incredible spot to walk around and enjoy, especially in the event that you time it right. The early morning time is the best.

Mercat de la Boqueria

Mercat de la Boqueria

Walk around and browse the beautiful market, Mercat de la Boqueria. It’s an enchanting one and comprises of a number of fruit and vegetable shops. One can hop around easily as there are tons and tons of mind blowing outlets comprising of pizza stalls, bars and much more.


The conclusive gathering of Barcelona’s most loved home-grown craftsman at Fundació Joan Miró merits diverging out for, yet there are phenomenal Miró models around the city with the expectation of a complimentary review. Parc de Joan Miró hosts his heroic 22-meter tall Woman and Bird figure secured in essential shaded coated tiles and mounting significantly from a shining pool.

Charming Beaches

Beach always proves to be a resting place. Well, here in Barcelona you can give your aching feet a little timeout on these beautiful beaches exploding with beauty and a ton of nature to enjoy.

Born Centre Cultural

One of Barcelona’s more up to date fascinations is the Born Centre Cultural, a radiantly changed over previous business constructing that has as its focus stays of many structures wrecked to the ground by the powers of Philip V after the attack of 1714. The occasion denotes the beginning stage of the craving for the partition for most Catalans.


Arcaded plaça

At this arcaded plaça, evocative of a more unobtrusive rendition of St Mark’s Square located in Venice, pay special mind to Gaudí’s first bit of charged work for the city. That comprises of light posts including wound monster headed serpents paving the way to a feathered protective cap.

El Raval

Right next to Barri Gotic lies El Raval, a system of sparkling streets. These streets host a catholic cast of people including students, artists, backpackers and more. The streets are a little less ancient and lack the type of historical places that Barri Gotic was equipped with.

Font Magica

The magic fountain, Font Magica, is driving a lot more tourists in Barcelona than ever before. Built in 1929 for the Barcelona’s world exposition, this fountain equipped with sounds and a mind blowing light show provides a perfect site for tourists and vacationers from all around the globe.


One of the most important thing that you ought to see and experience in Barcelona is the street art. The epic graffiti work on the walls and the corners of the streets catch up everyone’s eyes. The city itself has an ancient relation with arts and sculptures. One of the best-known examples of this very field is Peix, a gigantic fish monument fabricated by Frank Gehry at the beach.

Hiking spots

Some people are beyond this beach relaxation and charms. They ought to find thrill and excitement. Well, amid their stopover at Barcelona they can fly around and hike along the mountains encompassing the city.


One of the best spots in Barcelona to gather collectibles. The visitors can locate a vast accumulation of little cupcakes, dolls, and other special things to check their city in this stone city with the kind nature.

Apart from these stuff there ae a lot of visiting places in Barcelona that include Bars, cafes, many other sites which you can visit amid your stay over at Barcelona. Moreover, the broadcast of all along city-wide free WiFi is shortly becoming a certainty. People would be enticed along the boulevards and highways to adore free internet. Public libraries also have free usable computers.