Top 10 New Year’s Eve Celebrations around the World

With 2015 coming to a close in a few days, people would be starting to plan where they will be spending New Year’s Eve to welcome 2016, either with their families or friends.

In different parts of the world, we can witness grand and lavish celebrations complete with amazing fireworks displays and extravagant festivities from the city that never sleeps, New York, to Madrid, Spain, to Sydney, Australia.



  1. New York City. Celebration of New Year’s Eve at the symbolic center of New York City has become more than an American tradition for 100 years with the dropping of the Waterford LED ball from the former New York Times Building. The Times Square continues to be the hottest and hippest place in New York for New Year celebrations which features star-studded musical performances, balloons, handouts, confetti, and a stunning pyrotechnic display. It has been a yearly tradition every December 31 of each year that the eyes of the world tune in to the mesmerizing lights display and bustling energy of Times Square bidding a collective farewell to the old year and welcoming the coming year.
  1. Las Vegas, Nevada. If you want to welcome the coming year, casino-style, you can blend in Las Vegas, Nevada’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Ring in the New Year at the entertainment capital of the world. This year’s crowd is expected to be larger than that of the 320,000 visitors last year. This year’s spectacular fireworks display theme will be “On Top of the World” and will feature a special tribute to Frank Sinatra in the finale. The New Year’s Eve celebration in Las Vegas can be summed up in one word- “crazy.” At midnight, the casinos welcome the upcoming year with a majestic, choreographed fireworks display making the Times Square ball drop look like a child’s play.
  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Want to experience one of the world’s largest New Year’s Eve celebrations? The New Year’s Eve celebration in Rio de Janeiro attracts people from all over the world with its majestic fireworks across kilometers of beaches especially the Copacabana. The Rio-style celebration is filled with parties and amazing experiences.
  1. London, England. London offers a dazzling display of fireworks as people gather together at the Trafalgar Square which is beaming with energy. Big Ben beats with exciting explosives timed for the 12 strokes of hours as the London Eye creates a swirling fireworks display in tune with British rock music vibrating around the city.
  1. Paris, France. An amazing and captivating display of fireworks embrace the City of Light every New Year’s Eve. Flocks of people line up the Champs-Elysees with champagne bottles to get a view of the beauteous and enchanting Eiffel Tower. Expect an exuberant showcase of colorful fireworks at midnight around the tower.
  1. Madrid, Spain. A tradition observed by the Madrilenos every New Year’s Eve is swallowing 12 grapes for each stroke of the clock at midnight. There is an age-old belief that finishing them on time will bring in good luck for the coming year. The Puerto del Sol plaza bustles in energy as thousands gather in front of the clock to take part in the annual ritual.
  1. Beirut, Lebanon. Thousands gather to witness the light show at the city’s 1933 art deco clock tower in Njemeh Square, the central part of Beirut. At the stroke of midnight, couples kiss as fireworks burst. The eclectic Levantine metropolis is enveloped with shining light over a blend of floodlit church steeples and mosques glowing in the dark.
  1. Tokyo, Japan. During New Year’s Eve in Tokyo, you can see scores of people flocking the streets and restaurants as they eat buckwheat noodles for good health and happiness in the coming year. You can hear the temple bells ringing as a countdown to midnight spicing up the dreamy state of the grand celebration.
  1. Christmas Island, South Pacific. Christmas Island or Kiritimati is considered as one of the first inhabited places to celebrate the New Year. With the island being a protected wildlife sanctuary, you can have an intimate celebration of the New Year here which has only a population of 5,000 people.
  1. Sydney, Australia. Another exciting New Year’s Eve adventure is to celebrate the welcoming of the coming year in the Land Down Under. At the Grand Opera House in Sydney, you can witness a breathtaking showcase of captivating and choreographed fireworks display the city is known for. The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as nearby buildings teem with spectacular firework productions at midnight.