Surfing surprise in Bangladesh

When most think about surfing Bangladesh is not the destination that comes to mind. The country is known for its ethnic culture, hospitality and amazing resilience packed together in a land of beauty that is still in its developing phase. But the country holds some very wild secrets in its heart and one of those secrets is an amazing surfing location called Cox’s Bazar.

Cox Bazar may not have the surf culture of Australia or the luxurious beaches like Hawaii but it has something more unique, a huge stretch of sandy beaches and is considered to be the only worthwhile surfing location in Indian Sub-continent. Cox bazar has its own Surfing club and school with more than 70 local active surfers that are determined to provide you with a raw and unrelenting experience.

If you are an enthusiast surfer and wish to experience the sport in its most raw and developing form then there is no place better than the Cox’s Bazar. The beach gets the best waves in the month of April and November. Thousands of Bangladeshis turn to its shore to enjoy this amazing experience.


The raw power of the waves combined with this off-beat location provides an amazing venue for the surfers to have an engaging, exciting and unique surfing experience. Although it would not be taking over the surfing scene in the world, but the real charm of Cox’s bazaar lies in its rustic charm and blooming sport in a most unlikely place in the world.