Must Buy Souvenirs from Moscow

Moscow; a city that has everything therein… Art lovers, museum goers, business travelers, adventurers, tourists, honeymoon couples and even those vacationing with the family; there is something for almost everyone in Moscow.

In fact, the city can be an exciting and fulfilling holiday destination for the infamous music fanatics as well. In briefer words, the Russian capital withholds separate fascinations for individual personalities.

The sightseeing is more than appeasing to treat the curious mind; what most travelers fumble about is specifically which items they must bring home. Of course, the city revels in being one of a historic place, hence, there must be souvenirs that would take you back to your significant trip every time you’d happen to glance at it. To help you with quite a daunting prospect, we have listed out some particular items that could be a must-buy in your list.

Matryoshka Dolls

The Matryoshka Doll, also known as the nesting doll, is actually a set of wooden dolls that are hidden one inside another. The dolls are hand painted and are in decreasing sizes, allowing each to fit inside one big, singular doll. The exciting thing about the Matryoshka dolls is the fact that one can never fathom the number of dolls hidden inside the biggest one, unless they open and count. The dolls are painted like Russian women dressed in traditional Russian peasant dresses with scarves on their heads.

Moscow Dolls

Famous Russian Chocolates

Chocolates; delectable though in every country, the Russian ones outrace all those you have tasted till yet. The soviet chocolate is quite famous in the city, and you can reach to it with a little effort of repeating the name over and over with the locals. These come as designed and trimmed in adorable shapes; ringed dolls, also known as Baranki/Soushki, or as circular with centre fillings that burst open at the middle.Chocolates can be easily preserved; make sure you get boxes of them since they are likely to run out fast.

Classic Amber Jewelry

If you’re a fan of glimmering gold jewels or you have someone special back home who loves to accessorize, it is a must to shop for the amazingly crafted handmade amber jewelry that Moscow is notably known for. You will find the most beautiful and elegant hand crafted pieces of amber, fossilized tree resin, and other sets of jewelry in abundance. 90% of the amber that is imported to international markets are originally bought from Russia,


Looking for a souvenir that is salted and edible? The caviars is the answer to every edible memento that you can even carry over the journey. These caviars are Russian, red or in black and downright delicious. Get a box of them too, as it’s most likely you are not to find the likes of it anywhere else!

There is an abundance of wonderful gifts under the heading of “Souvenirs;” a matter that Moscow has looked after well, as if knowing people from all over the world would travel to the place and would wish to take back memorials in the hard form.


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