Bizarre Aseki mummies

The Anga is an ancient race of people that reside in Papua New Guinea’s Aseki region. The area is so remote and detached from the modern practices that even a heavy smog is considered by an omen from the spirits. The Anga people have a strange ritual of smoking their corpses in order to mummify them.

The smoked mummified corpses of the Anga ancestors have been the focus of several anthropologists, but very little is known about the actual reasons behind this practice. The practice began an era when it was common for the Anga people to engage in cannibalistic practices. At the current date, the location is so remote that the only roads leading to the location a broken animal trails and muddy roads. The Anga people considered the smoke locations to be very sacred.

The mummies on the smoking location are placed in several different seating positions and present a very macabre site that casts a strange sort of pall over the all those visiting the place. The mummies are extremely well preserved and present a truly horrifying sight to the travelers guaranteed to chill their blood. Some of the mummies on the location have a full set of teeth frozen in a scream of anguish.


The site holds 14 corpses in total. It is a great location to visit if you wish to see the diversity of culture over planet earth. Smoking corpses in one of the strangest rituals observed by any culture around the world.