Best places to enjoy Tapas in Barcelona

With a history spanning over decades, Barcelona is one of the most culturally rich cities in Spain. Increasing population and budding tourism have all contributed in giving the city a unique flavor and mix of colors that is staggering beyond belief to behold. The city ingrains its love for food and sports in all its nooks and crannies.

With beautiful sprawling buildings and amazing historical monuments the city of Barcelona has something to offer to all that come at its doors. Food is a perfect way to learn about the culture and history of a country or city. Like several layers of flavors food also retains the historical lesson in its composition taste and serving. Therefore if someone wishes to learn about the history of Barcelona, they have to taste Tapas that are sold by hundreds of vendors on Barcelona’s streets. Tapas were developed as a street food by the inn owners to attract different travelers to their establishments. Since then it has become a signature dish for Barcelona and thousands of tourists visit the city to try it out. Below we share some of the most iconic places to enjoy Tapas in the country.


La Plata

La Plata truly captures the spirit of Tapas with its gleaming marble tables sitting atop barrels. The place gives a historic vibe with mouthwatering wafts of tasty food. La Plata primarily serves two kind of Tapas that are guaranteed to leave the guests reeling with pleasure. A definite must see to enjoy the charms of old Barcelona and get bewitched by its tastes.

Bar Centric

An inn like interior, large wooden beams and antique furniture would cast a charm of medieval Era on the guests. The place is known for its mid-morning Tapas that include a staggering variety of mouthwatering ingredients that the visitors can enjoy at their leisure.


Where the past two locations retain the authenticity of history, Bormuth puts a modern twist to the historic Tapas. New Funky music, modernistic open interior and striking taste of tapas make it an ideal location to lounge around and enjoy the beautiful evenings of Barcelona.

Bodega 1900

Every food needs its share of innovation to continue to stay mainstream. Bodega 1900 combines the old bar like look but with a modern twist on its Tapas. The place is known to experiment with its Tapas to bring forth uniquely refreshing flavors and seeks to redefine the street food of Barcelona.