Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger National Park has several facilities that provide food and lodging to the visitors. The accommodations range from cozy camps to private lodges. Most people who come to visit Kruger National Park seek to immerse themselves in the wildlife by choosing to stay in the camps.


Berg En Dal: it is a medium sized comprised of several hotels, diners, lodges and picnic spots. The camp is equipped with all the modern day facilities from Internet to telephones. The visitors can dine in the restaurants or use the communal kitchens to cook their own meals. The camp also contains fuel shops and resting spots where you can purchase tours of different kinds.

Crocodile Bridge: This camp is located closer to the villages and human habitation therefore the chances of encountering any wildlife are very slim. But it provides a cozy place for you to stay, enjoy a meal and get laundry services.


Boulders: it is one of the larger lodges that can be rented in Kruger National Park. The lodges are spacious and nestled right in the middle of the African plains that provide you with an ample opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the wilderness of Africa. Despite being located at remote locations the lodges are filled with all kinds of facilities and highly trained staff that are available to answer your every whim.

Singita Private Game Lodge: it is one of the most luxurious accommodations that you can find in Africa. The lodges are equipped with pools, internet, cable TV, dedicated bars and other facilities that you may require to have a luxurious and rich African experience.