Kruger National Park, South Africa

By Car:

Kruger National Park is located in a very accessible location therefore the visitors can choose different modes of transport to arrive at Kruger National Park. The park has 10 different entrance points/gates that are located at different distances from Johannesburg. The distance ranges from 400 to 600 KM from Johannesburg. Driving at night is not advisable because of the lack of proper lightning on the road, animals and humans alike tend to use the roads in order to cross from one part of the park to another. Therefore if you are planning to make a car trip to Kruger National Park it is better to set out early in the day.


There are 3 different airports operating near Kruger National Park. KMIA airport is located closest to the Kruger gate and provides a very safe way for the visitors to arrive at Kruger National park. There are several flights that operate throughout the day from these Airports to different gates of Kruger National Park.


The visitors can also take the train to arrive at Kruger National Park. The train is not open throughout the year, therefore you need to be aware of the timing of the train to travel to Kruger National park. The local law do not allow the visitors to roam around the park at night and can lead to severe penalties, therefore you must ensure that you are back at the camp by night.

Commuting in the Park

Most of the visitors that arrive at Kruger National Park rely on 4X4 vehicles to commute throughout the park. The roads are very well managed in the parks and are often travelled on by visitors, guides and officials in the park. There are several car renting companies in the park that can provide you with appropriate type of vehicle and also provide you with guides to help you commute through the park.