Kruger National Park, South Africa

Located in South Africa it is considered to be one of the most popular attraction in the country and is a perfect place to get close to the nature and see the wildlife in its natural habitat. The park acts as a sanctuary for all the animals that live within in its borders, it has been operating in the area since 1927.

There is a lot that you can do at Kruger national park. From witnessing different facets of nature and wildlife, the area also holds a very diverse and exciting range of flora and fauna. If you are a nature lover and love to feel the vastness of wild plains then this place is certainly for you.


Crocodile River View Point: Lying in the north of the Lower Sabie, Crocodile River view is a perfect place to witness on of the deadliest African animal the hippo in its natural habitat. The lake also has a healthy and thriving population of crocodiles. If you wish to see nature truly in all its glory and rawness then this point is a must visit for you.

Masorini: if you have had your fill of wildlife and wish to see immerse yourself in the local history, then you can visit Masorini a restored village, which has been standing since the Iron Ages. The spot is a perfect place to see how the locals discovered, forged and traded in Iron. The guided tours are free, but you may need to pay tips to the guides in order to truly enjoy the tour.

Tours and Activities

The true attraction of Kruger National Park lies in its diverse wildlife. You can get a basic tour at the daytime in a car. This is a great way for the first timers to get up close and personal with the diverse wildlife of Africa. The park has pretty well-defined spots where guides can take you to enjoy seeing some of the nature’s biggest predators and wildlife.

Bush Drive: Bush Drive is a guided tour managed by the local guides. It costs about $30 USD per person. It is a perfect way to learn about the natural habitat of Africa and also presents a great opportunity for the new comers to learn and spot different animals in the park.

Night Drives: Most of the predators in the area become active at night. The night Drives is a guided personal tour that starts after the gates are closed for the general public. During this tour you can see all the nocturnal life of the area and enjoy a guided tour under the starry sky of Africa.

Walking Safari: This is a paid safari that covers eight trails throughout Kruger national Park. During this safari you would be able to learn different tracking techniques and would also be able to enjoy walking the widespread plains of Africa.