Traveling to Spain means viewing stunning architectural wonders by artisans of the past and present; magnificent cathedrals, elegant museums, and establishments, all enveloped with a deep love for the arts.

Spain is also widely known for its warm weather but you can still pack fun and fashionable wardrobe along with your other stuff.

In Madrid and Barcelona, people prefer to look more formal and dressed up but if you’re traveling around the southern part of the country like Andalucia, you may enjoy a relaxed and laidback style. Wear all staple jeans paired with good top and classic flats and when visiting cathedrals, put on a shawl or scarf in respect to local religion.

Winter in Spain is from December to mid-March and it is better to layer up if you’re visiting the country this time of the year. Women wear fur jackets and down jackets are popular for younger ones. Gollashes and willies can be worn when it rains heavily or leather boots for a more fashionable look.

Spring in Spain starts in March and April when it’s still chilly but starts to warm up in May. Make sure you bring a warm jacket in your luggage. Long tunic tops can be paired with leggings replacing denims and trousers. For footwear, ladies prefer boots because it is easier to walk in the melted snow.

Spain’s hot summer season is surely to burn travelers with soaring high temperatures arriving in mid-August. Madrid’s summer temperature is dry heat and encourages women to bare skin. Wear sandals and mini skirts. Leggings are good to wear during the day under a skirt.

During autumn, temperature drops in Spain from September to November but differs according to the location. In the North in Galicia, it can be very cold during this season but I Madrid and in the south; you can feel the heat until mid-October when it starts to be cold again. It is recommended to put on practical layering including waist length coats, shirts, and a scarf and a hat. High heeled boots are a must in September.