Mexico has undergone a lot of changes to regain its cultural identity. The country has a very diverse and unique population that contributes towards the culture and customs of the entire country. Due to its large population and stark differences in customs it is hard to generalize the Mexican culture and its customs, but despite that there are several cultural behaviors that are associated with Mexican people.

Nearly 82% of the population in Mexico adheres to Christianity and put a lot of stress over community, marriage and family. The country also hosts smaller population of Buddhists, Muslims and Jews as well.

When it comes to fashion and clothing Mexico has two different sides. The cities remain in touch with modern fashion and also hosts events such as Mexico Fashion Week, where designers from all parts of Mexico share their modern interpretation of Fashion, while on the other hand the cultural clothing uses in Mexico include large hats worn by men called “Sarape” and the traditional Charro Suits used by the Mariachi Bands. The women in the rural areas wear simple skirts with sleeveless shirts called Huipil and traditional shawls called Rebozos.

Major holidays celebrated in the country include the Feast of the Lady that is observed at Dec 12 every year where the local citizens celebrate an old tradition relating to Virgin Mary. The day of the dead and Independence day also mark some other important festivals in the country.